Radiant in 15 Days before New Year 2024

Get ready to glow this holiday season with the ultimate 15-day pre-New Year 2024 skincare routine featuring a range of Koji White products designed for a radiant and flawless complexion

Day 1-3: Cleanse and Prep

Morning & Evening

Start with the Koji White Kojic Acid Soap to cleanse your body, preparing the skin for the upcoming routine.

Day 4-6: Exfoliate


Use the Papaya Soap for a refreshing body wash to gently exfoliate and brighten

Day 7-9: Targeted Treatment and Nourish


Use the Collagen Soap for a luxurious cleansing experience to promote skin elasticity


Apply the Koji White Dark Spot Corrector Soap to targeted areas with hyperpigmentation or dark spots

Day 10-12: Hydrate and Renew


Use the Hya Soap for a boost of hydration, leaving your skin feeling fresh and plump


Moisturize your body with the Koji White Kojic Acid Body Lotion, focusing on areas prone to dryness

Day 13-15: Illuminate and Protect


Apply the Vit C Soap for a burst of vitamin C to brighten and protect against free radicals


Use the Gluta Soap for an antioxidant-rich cleanse to promote an even skin tone

Additional Products

Bump Soap

Use the Bump Soap as needed for areas prone to ingrown hairs or razor bumps

Underarm Serum

Apply the Underarm Serum daily to target and lighten underarm pigmentation 

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