• "Excellent soap! I will reorder. I am using it during the winter moths so that could play a role in extra skin dryness. Would recommend this to someone trying to even complexion and scars."

  • "I really love this soap! I used it all over my face and body it really cleaned the skin this is a great soap for those that have really oily body with pimple on your back and chest. my skin looks radiant and smoothI will order again.no more useless shower gel for me!

  • "It's a lovely soap! in that it brings instant brightness after every use. its only been 3 days of use and the face and hands definitely have a brighter and lighter look at the surface level"

  • "This works! Let’s be clear though. It doesn’t whiten or lighten your complexion, it just makes hyperpigmentation fade. I have hyperpigmentation from a skin condition (hyperkeratosis pilaris) and tried everything. Laser hair removal, acetic acid, mild chemical peals and nothing, nothing worked. This did. To add, it smells good and feels good. I saw marked results in 1 week. I would leave it on for about 2 minutes each time."

  • "I’ll definitely purchase again! I’ve been using Koji White soap for just a week and I am very pleased with the results! My primary hope was lightening the effects of years of sun damage on my face and décolleté. It smells delicious! I expected the drying and tightness I’ve previously experienced using bar soap. Instead, my face feels soft and I see noticeable fading!"

  • "I’ve only been using it for 3 days and my scars have gotten a bit lighter. I have hyper pigmentation scars all over my face and I decided that this product seemed like it would work. I didn’t have any breakouts or weird feelings. I plan on showing my after results after 2 weeks pass by. This product smells really good and had such a nice color. Sometimes I forget it’s a skin lightener. Also I forgot to mention that if you have dry skin then you should moisturize after using the soap if you use it on your face."

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