Testimonials and Success Stories: Real People, Real Results with Kojic Acid Soap

As much as we love talking about our amazing ingredients and the benefits they can bring to your skin, we know that nothing is as impressive as seeing tangible results.

If you’ve ever thought that kojic acid and the other skin brightening ingredients we use sound too good to be true or don’t make a significant difference, prepare to be amazed. Below we’re highlighting some real success stories that our very own customers have experienced after using our kojic acid soap products, so you can see the difference it makes for yourself.

If you’re curious to learn what Koji White may be able to do for you, keep on scrolling to see how we’ve been able to help real people achieve their skincare goals!

A More Even Skin Tone In Just Three Weeks

This customer was suffering from hyperpigmentation in the form of dark spots on her cheeks. After just a week of using kojic acid soap, her dark spots became much less apparent. By week 3, many of them had disappeared entirely, revealing even and radiant skin!

Brighter Skin After One Week

While this customer only had a mild case of hyperpigmentation, her use of kojic acid soap was an excellent choice for preventative measures. After just a week of using our products, her skin appears visibly brighter, smoother, and more even.


Smooth, Glowing Skin In Three Weeks

This customer had the joy of going from a dull and discolored complexion to glowing and even skin in just three weeks. The most dramatic change happened by week 3, when her hyperpigmentation became barely noticeable, instead replaced by a luminous and smooth sheen.

Brighter, Smoother, and More Even Legs

Hyperpigmentation isn’t just limited to the face. This customer was experiencing dark spots on her legs, resulting in a discolored and bumpy appearance. Regular use of our kojic acid soap completely transformed the skin on her legs to become smooth, even, and radiant.

An Almost Complete Reduction of Hyperpigmentation

Our kojic acid soap helped this customer significantly reduce the appearance of hyperpigmentation on her face. Before trying Koji White, she suffered from dark spots across the entire length of her cheeks. With continual use, the dark spots almost entirely vanished and helped bring back a smoother and brighter complexion. 

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