"Love is Love" Let’s celebrate Pride Month with Koji White


“Let’s celebrate Pride Month with Koji White” 

    June is coming. The month of significant social activity in the modern era is known as Pride Month. Pride Month is important because it is a social activity or event that encourages gender diversity and reduces the border of traditional norms about gender once a year. The modern world has paid attention to equality, so Pride Month is a time to show the perspective on equality of the part of gender. 

     Undeniably, the beauty industry is one of the industries that gender equality influenced adversely in many aspects. This diversity could create many new and innovative products in order to respond to different desires more than before. Besides, many owners of skincare and cosmetic brands are LGBTQ+. Not only the brand’s owner but also many influencers or celebrities support Pride Month and it also affects the beauty industry dramatically. 

     As a result of this Koji White would like to be the one who supports gender equality and celebrates Pride Month with everyone around the colorful world. 

     Koji White represents Pride Month through the product of the brand which every gender could use our product because we try to create every product that suits every skin type. So, every customer does not need to worry that the female or male’s skin would suit our product whether or not. 

     Furthermore, we also support gender equality and represent Pride Month to our staff because we have some team members who are LGBTQ+, as well as, we believe everyone has their shine and charisma no matter who you are. 

     Last but not least, we would like to give a special promotion of up to 20% to our B2B customers to celebrate Pride Month together on the FAIRE platform by using the link below and applying the code when you purchase our product.

Click “Get 20% off your order on Faire when you use the code “PRIDEMONTH” 



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