How Long Should It Take for Skin Whitening Cream to Work?

When you start using new whitening skincare you want to know it works. But how do you tell? How long does it take for skin whitening cream to work? How long does kojic acid cream take to work? When should you decide to keep using it and when should you decide to bin it and move on?


How Long Should It Take for Skin Whitening Cream to Work?

Your skin has colour because of a pigment known as melanin. When you skin tans, your skins made more melanin. If you have age spots, your skin's made concentrated melanin in very small areas of skin. If you have acne scars, your skins made more melanin to help protect areas of damaged skin.

Melanin is responsible for all types of pigmentation and hyper-pigmentation and it's made in the deepest layers of skin's epidermis.

Melanin made here can take up to 4 weeks to reach visible layers of your skin. After fresh melanin's made, it travels up through layers of the epidermis as skin's top layers are naturally exfoliated away. Most skin whitening cream's work to 'turn down the volume' of melanin expression meaning the benefits of skin whitening cream's aren't likely to be visible before 4 weeks of consistent, daily use.

How Long Does It Take for Skin Whitening Cream to Work?

The longer you keep using a skin whitening cream, the better its benefits. Skin colour can be lightening, skin tone can be evened and scaring or areas of hyper-pigmentation can fade. How long your new skin whitening cream takes to work depends on;

  1. The active skin whitening ingredients in the formula
  2. The amount of skin whitening actives
  3. How consistently you use your new skin whitening cream
  4. Your skin's natural rate of exfoliation
  5. How well you protect your skin from sunlight

If you're using a very well proven skin lightening active like kojic acid - the ingredient found in our Kojic Acid & Papaya Skin Brightening Body Lotion (also with SPF 30) and your skin has a healthy natural rate of exfoliation, it will take around 4 weeks for your new skin whitening cream to start working i.e. to start showing you results. These results should noticeably become even more visible with 3 to 4 months of consistent use.

If you see your new skin lightening cream working, you should continue to use it daily - even better results can reveal themselves with 6 to 12 months of consistent use.

How Long Does Kojic Acid Cream Take to Work?

Kojic acid lotions make very effective skin whitening creams, however how long they take to work also depends on how well you protect skin against sunlight. Sunlight naturally causes your skin to make more melanin i.e. sunlight turns up the volume of your skin's melanin expression. Therefore if you use a kojic acid skin lightening cream but don't use a daily SPF, your new skin whitening cream might not look like it's working. You could end up binning a product which works but whose effects are being masked by unprotected sun exposure.

To get the best out of your new skin whitening cream use at least an SPF 30 sunscreen daily, avoid direct sun exposure between 10am and 2pm and wear a wide brimmed hat.

This is why we formulate our Kojic Acid & Papaya Skin Brightening Body Lotion. With daily use it could show you visible results with just 4 weeks of use. Try it today.

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