5 Korean Skin Whitening Secrets You Need to Know About

There's a lots to be learnt from Korean skincare, whether it's the 10 step Korean skincare routine the latest snail mucin or Korean skin whitening secrets. Taking a lesson from Korean skincare can help you lighten and brighten your skin tone to best effect.

Why not make a start with these 5 Korean skin whitening secrets.

1. Wear Sunscreen 365 Days a Year

Korean skincare is heavily based on daily used of sunscreen with a high SPF - at least 30. Which is because Koreans recognize prevention of skin darkening is a lot easier and quicker than skin whitening. It also makes no sense to use skin whitening skincare if you're not protecting your skin against UV induced darkening.

You should also be sure to wear SPF even if you spend most of your day inside. UV light can travel straight through windows and can be just as strong in summer as winter.

Unprotected sunlight exposure is the most common cause of skin darkening, uneven skin tone and pigmentation.

The more you expose your skin to sunlight, the darker it will get.

Korean skin whitening secret: Wear sun protection every day, all day.

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2. Skincare First, Makeup Second

Don't skimp on skincare. It's not unusual for a Korean skincare routine to have up to and above 10 steps. Skincare is a ritual. While you don't need 10 steps to take great care of your skin, it is important to make time for proper care of your skin. When the care of your skin's neglected, skin appears dull, uneven and textured. When skin is well exfoliated, hydrated and moisturized skin appears bright, healthy and radiant.

The best bit: when you focus time and attention to your skincare routine, you don't need to spend as much time on makeup (!)

Korean skin whitening secret: Concentrate on the care of your skin first and cover-up second.

3. Make a Routine & Stick to It

Whitening skincare can only be effective when used daily and regularly. Use a whitening lotion a few times every other week and you're not likely to see benefits. Use a whitening lotion every day for 3 months and you're very likely to see benefits.

While following a 10 step Korean skincare routine might sound crazy, Korean skincare routines recognize you need to be using products every day for whitening benefits to show.

Korean skin whitening secret: Use whitening skincare daily for at least 3 months before deciding if it works for you.

4. Eat Well for Healthy & Bright Skin

Skincare is so much more than daily use of a moisturizer, whitening soap and serum. Skincare begins with diet. You are what you eat. If your diet contains lots of antioxidants then your skin will too. Tomatoes are especially great for helping whiten your skin. Tomatoes are extremely high in an antioxidant known a lycopene. Scientific studies show eating lots of tomatoes helps give your skin added protection against the damaging and darkening effects of UV light.

Give your skin a double dose of skin brightening antioxidants by eating a diet rich in antioxidants and by using antioxidant skincare. Remember prevention is better than cure.

Korean skin whitening secret: Eat a diet packed full of antioxidants i.e. fresh fruits and vegetables.

5. Focus Your Skincare on Hydration

The biggest secret of Korean skincare is a focus on lightweight hydration. Gel formulas, serums, essences and quickly absorbing sunscreens. Korean skincare understands skin can only be healthy and bright when well hydrated.

For example when your skin is dehydrated it will not naturally exfoliate as fast... and when your skin exfoliates slowly your skin tone will quickly become dull, uneven and pigmented. Keeping your skin hydrated increases your skins natural exfoliation rate (scientists call this desquamation) to help prevent uneven skin tone.

Korean skin whitening secret: Protect your skin against dehydration by using deeply hydrating serums daily.

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