5 Best Skin Care Ingredients to Know for 2023

If you are the kind of guy or gal who cares about the ingredients you put on your skin, then this list is for you. Today we are going to discuss the five skincare ingredients that are at the top of our “must have” list for 2019. These five ingredients are some of the best for making your skin look beautiful, healthy and more even. The best part? They are affordable, natural and easy to use. Let’s dive right in. 


If you want whiter skin, kojic acid is your new best friend. This safe, natural ingredient is perfect for making your skin bright and white. Plus, it’s available over the counter, no prescription needed. 

Maybe you want to get rid of a tan from sitting in the sun too long. Or perhaps you have some freckles and dark spots from aging or sun exposure. No matter why you might want to lighten your skin, kojic acid delivers powerful results right at home. 

So, what is the secret? Kojic acid is a natural ingredient that is made as a byproduct from fermenting Japanese sake or rice wine. When it is applied topically to the skin, it has an affect on melanin production. This gentle, safe acid works by preventing tyrosine? from forming in your skin. 

When your skin is exposed to the sun, it starts to darken because the sun triggers your body to produce tyrosine. Tyrosine controls melanin production, which is the stuff your skin makes to develop a tanned skin. 

So, you can see that by stopping tyrosine, you can stop a tan. This leads to your skin becoming whiter and paler over time. If you are a person who suffers from hyperpigmentation or blotchy, dark spots on your face or body, kojic acid is for you. As your skin gets lighter, you will notice that it starts looking less discolored. The uneven areas and dark spots start to look more the same color. 

Kojic acid takes at least a few weeks to start showing visible results. If you have dark pigment that you want to get rid of, why not start sooner than later? Think of it. In just a few months your skin will look light, bright, luminous and even toned. 


Black charcoal has been making headlines in the beauty industry for a few years, and the trend is still going strong. The reason? It has so many uses. We love black charcoal skincare products because it is great if you want to detox the skin. 

Black charcoal attracts and draws impurities out of skin easily. It is excellent in soap for deep cleansing the skin and in mud masks for purifying the pores. It absorbs excess oils because it is so absorbent. 

If you are wondering the best ways to reduce pore size, try black charcoal. By keeping the pores clear of oil, dirt and bacteria, you can eliminate blackheads and acne breakouts. Plus, empty pores look smaller and more refined. 

Black charcoal is a safe and gentle ingredient. It is unlike anything else in skincare, especially with its exotic black color. It is full of detoxifying goodness. We give this one a big thumbs up. 


Papaya is a fruit that contains papaya enzyme, which is a powerful ingredient for unlocking skin’s natural brightness and radiance. If you suffer from drab skin and want to know how to fix a dull complexion, papaya is a treat. 

Papaya enzyme goes to work on skin right away. It is very mild and gently breaks up the bonds that keep dry, dead skin stuck to your skin’s surface. This leaves you with beautiful, fresh skin that is perfectly dreamy. 

We love papaya as an exfoliating ingredient because it is far more gentle than rough face and scrubs, which can tear your skin. Harsh scrubbing may leave you feeling nice and smooth, but it is actually damaging your skin. Using gentle acidic ingredients like the fruit acids found in papaya are a much gentler way to get smooth skin without the damage. 

One of the easiest ways to add papaya enzyme to your skincare routine is in soap. You shower with soap every day anyway, right? You might as well use a soap that has beneficial ingredients. Give it a try and you’ll throw away aggressive body and face scrubs once and for all. 


What the heck is glutathione? This remarkable ingredient is perfect for lightening your skin naturally. It is becoming very popular in 2019. It is so new, only people who are very knowledgeable about cutting-edge skincare seem to know about it. But the secret is spreading as word gets out. 

Glutathione is amazing for your skin. Can glutathione lighten dark spots, hyperpigmentation, freckles, liver spots and dark patches on skin? The answer is yes. It will leave you with a beautiful, even complexion when you use it for several weeks. 

Glutathione is one of the best over the counter ingredients for anti aging, too. The reason for that is because it is full of antioxidants. Antioxidants fight free radicals that cause skin to age rapidly. Sun, pollution and a poor diet high in sugar cause free radicals in your skin. An antioxidant-rich ingredient like glutathione is good for skin. 

One way to use it is in soap to make your skin whiter. Using soap to lighten skin is a good idea because you wash your skin every day. Since it’s just soap, you don’t have to add a special step to your skincare routine. This is perfect for people who want lighter skin but don’t have a lot of time to invest in complicated skincare regimens. 


You skin produces collagen naturally, but as you get older, collagen production slows down rapidly. That is why in your late 20s or early 30s, you start to notice fine lines. By the time you are in your late 30s and 40s, those lines have become wrinkles that seem to get deeper by the day. 

Collagen keeps your skin strong structure strong so that it doesn’t break down. Without collagen, your skin weakens and starts to look old. Collagen is a protein that is essential for youthful-looking skin.

Adding collagen peptides to your skincare routine is a great way to fight skin aging. You can also eat collagen and protein, too. It is best to use a two-step approach to skincare. Try topical collagen in soaps and lotions while adding supplements to your diet for skin that stays looking young and vibrant. 

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